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About XUMI app animation

XUMI is a secure payment service provider

Our solutions raise the security bar with layers of unique security protecting both cardholder and merchant from fraud before it happens.

Trusted Transactions, Every Time

XUMI goes beyond current data security standards to verify both parties and ensure every transaction is legitimate—instantly.

Trusted transactions, every time animation.

Reduced Fraud, Reduced Costs

As Mobile wallets and tap-to-pay become mainstream, fraud rates for NFC will rise.

XUMI protects tokens stored on mobile devices from theft and protects merchants from being presented with fraudulent tokens.

Reduced fraud animation.

Streamlined Systems

XUMI is a unique technology and can be embedded in payment platforms, mobile devices and merchant terminals, eliminating risk for both consumer and merchant.

Streamlined systems animation.

Real-time Legitimacy Checks

XUMI’s unique technology safeguards users against compromised mobile devices.

Cost Saving Security

NFC payments has introduced a new level of convenience for consumers and merchants, but has also opened new avenues for fraud.

Every fraudulent purchase means lost goods and costly chargeback fees.

XUMI’s Legitimacy Checks authenticate every transaction, preventing fraud and saving money.

XUMI’s unique technology currently safeguards both consumers and merchants against compromised mobile devices.

Cost saving security animation.

XUMI Integration

XUMI can be integrated into existing mobile devices, mobile wallets and payment terminals.